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Our Team

  • Luke Womack

    Founder + President

    Luke founded AIRO after learning about the unfinished task while in college. He has a Bachelors in Business Administration and has an unrelenting drive to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who do not currently have access. His favorite part of the day is coming home to his wonderful wife Allison, and children Vera, Dawson, and Pearl (born in 2016, 2017, and 2019).

  • Matt Sonke

    Executive director

    Matthew and his wife Ashley spent the first years of marriage working and living among college students. This experience gave them a first-hand perspective of the shackles that come with college debt and a strong desire to mobilize this generation. Matt has a Bachelors in Christian Studies and a Masters in Counseling Psychology. He loves sports, and will invite you over only if you root for the Dodgers or Lakers.

  • Sarah Murphey

    Director of Strategic Engagement

    Sarah started to see the importance of missions early in high school after several short term mission trips. After university, her experience living abroad and a trip to the Himalayas helped form her understanding of the unreached and burdened her heart for the unfinished task of getting the good news to the hardest to reach people. She wants to be part of a movement that will bring fresh energy and innovation to The Great Commission conversation. Sarah has a Bachelors in Communication Studies. She loves a great antique store, a good cup of coffee, and adventuring with her husband Randy and two kids, Addie and Britt.

  • Melanie Frank

    Donor Relationship Manager

    Melanie and her husband, Neal, had their eyes opened to the significance of missions as students at California Baptist University. As they sent their friends around the globe, AIRO offered them the opportunity to be a part of the Great Commission by “holding the rope” for those they love who are sharing the Gospel in hard-to-reach places. Melanie loves that she now gets to invite others into God’s call to proclaim the Gospel to the nations. Melanie has a Bachelor Degree in Christian Behavioral Science and has been married to Neal for five years. She loves a good cup of coffee and can usually be found hosting a party somewhere.

  • Matthew Nolen

    Development Associate

    Matthew and his wife Rebekah met serving on a summer missions team in college, launching them on a path to serve God and unreached peoples. Matthew has interned with missionaries utilizing business to make disciples in closed countries. This was a catalyst for him to partner in mobilizing missionaries like these. Matthew has a Bachelors in Business Administration. He enjoys road trips and has a biscuit hand that would make Julia Child jealous.

  • Ashley Dominick

    Program Coordinator

    Ashley grew up in California, but through overseas experiences she discovered her deep love for people and a desire for them to know Christ. Spending a summer in the UK with an unreached people group, Ashley saw the desperate need this people had for the Gospel and yet very few Christians trying to share it with them. Ashley has a Bachelors in Marketing, is married to Brandon, and you can usually find her with coffee in hand.

  • Luke Maynard

    Digital Content Manager

    Luke comes from the illustrious city of Bakersfield, CA, and fully moved to Riverside after graduating from California Baptist University. He studied Entrepreneurship and Marketing while honing the discipline in personal business ventures. Combined with professional experience in public relations, marketing, and communications, Luke brings a new set of skills to AIRO’s digital presence. Growth in his faith during college increased his interest in missions and the importance of the work being done overseas. Now he aims to bring the conversation to new audiences across the world. You’ll usually find Luke sporting his favorite kicks while drinking an iced cappuccino and deal hunting.

  • Jin Gill

    Office Manager

    Jin and her husband, John, have three energetic sons, Ethan, Ezra and Elias (affectionately referred to as “E1”, “E2” and “E3”). Upon earning her B.A. in Political Science as well as a J.D., she worked as a civil litigation attorney before spending the past eleven years staying home full time to care for her kids. She and her husband find joy in sending and supporting missionaries who share the Good News of the Gospel. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves discovering new places to eat.

  • Lara S.

    Program + Development Assistant

    The Lord gripped Lara’s heart for the unreached peoples of the world in her childhood through biographies of faithful Christians. Their stories not only intrigued her but compelled her to act. It has been her privilege to live both as a “sent one” serving the unreached in person and is now her privilege to serve the unreached as a sender. She is “sending” alongside a loving husband and 2 teenage children as a new resident of SoCal. She has no complaints about all the happy sunshine, low humidity, and proximity to so many beautiful places to explore.

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