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Our vision


Where we’re headed

To End Missions*

* One day, God will end missions.
Until then, there’s work to do.

We long to see a day when missions isn’t needed. Not because we don’t like it. But because it is a means (not the end).

The end is eternal worship, in heaven, toward Jesus Christ. The way to get to this end is not to stop doing missions, but to keep doing it, and to relentlessly lift off barriers in the way of it—until one day, missions is no longer needed.

The Problem.

How we will get there

Missions is Messy

The easiest problems have all been solved. The ones remaining are often complex, demanding, and discouraging. Missions is messy.

At AIRO, we solve messy missions problems. Not because they are easy. But because they are worthy. One day, missions will end. Until then, there is work to do. This is our work at AIRO: removing barriers to advance the gospel to the unreached.

You have a role to play in missions. Will you join us?

We eliminate barriers.


Student Debt.

The Go Fund pays 100% of student debt for approved missionaries

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Missionless Churchgoers

The Missions Course is a 6-week study that reveals God’s heart for the nations and invites you to play your part in it!

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