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Full-time employee benefits

  • Retirement plan

    To help staff members build a financial foundation for their lives after 65, AIRO has a Simple IRA plan that staff may make voluntary contributions towards through their paychecks. AIRO will also match up to 3% of your salary on all contributions made.

  • Vacation policy

    Unlimited vacation. Just get your work done.

  • Paid holidays

    AIRO recognizes nine paid holidays per year.

  • Health (medical & vision)

    We have a group healthcare plan through Kaiser Permanente that offers traditional healthcare coverage. Upon employee enrollment, AIRO will contribute 50% of the cost for employees and 35% for spouses and dependents.

  • Student Loan Repayment

    AIRO will pay up to $1,200 per year toward the student loans of the employee. Because the IRS does not offer a tax exemption for student loan payments (like they do for educational grants), this contribution will be taxable.

  • Employer Assisted Housing Program

    AIRO offers forgivable loans to qualified full-time employees purchasing a home as a primary residence. Depending on available funds, employees will receive the lesser of five percent (5%) of the home’s purchase price or ten thousand dollars ($10,000), to be used to pay either part of the down payment or closing costs on a home purchase. This loan is forgivable over a five year period (at the rate of 20 percent per year), at no interest. If the beneficiary leaves the company’s employment, the remaining loan amount must be repaid at a fixed interest rate.

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