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For Immediate Release

Riverside, CA – June 1, 2023

The Go Fund, a non-profit founded in 2014, unveils an exciting chapter in its journey as it changes its name to AIRO.

Since 2014, The Go Fund has focused squarely on eliminating barriers to advance the gospel of Jesus to unreached people groups. To celebrate nine years of remarkable growth, the organization has chosen AIRO to sharpen its focus as it remains unwavering in its commitment to invite others to participate meaningfully in the Great Commission.

“So many Christians are entertained by the story, not in the story” said Luke Womack, Founder and President of AIRO. “At AIRO, we invite all Christians to step into a full and eternally meaningful life by making God’s purpose—his glory praised, through Jesus, among the nations—the priority and passion of their life.”

Along with the name change, the organization introduced a refreshed brand identity to better communicate its direction. Along with the name change, AIRO also revitalized its vision statement: “To End Missions” (One day, God will end missions. Until then, there’s work to do). This sharpened vision statement will be shared immediately across various platforms to inform donors, partners, and friends of the ministry.

As The Go Fund becomes AIRO, its core mission remains steadfast: “Eliminate barriers to advance the gospel to the unreached.” The organization will continue focusing on its two programs, The Go Fund (eliminating the barrier of indebted aspiring missionaries) and The Missions Course (removing the barrier of missionless churchgoers). This name change, and updated vision statement, acknowledges growth while keeping intact the core focus of the organization.

AIRO expresses heartfelt gratitude to its champions, partners, donors, board members, staff, and friends of the ministry who have made its impact possible. With excitement and gratitude, the organization embarks on this new chapter, united under AIRO, to continue making an eternal impact.

For more information about AIRO and its work, please visit or contact Sarah Murphey at

About AIRO

AIRO is a nonprofit organization with a vision to end missions. Formerly known as The Go Fund, it has been working to eliminate barriers to advance the gospel to the unreached since 2014. With its two programs, The Go Fund and The Missions Course, AIRO seeks to play its part in the Great Commission, until the Lord chooses to return.

Organizational Contact

Sarah Murphey
Director of Operations

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