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1. Pray that God would reveal himself.

Over the next month, Muslims will submit themselves to daily prayer + fasting in an attempt to draw near to Allah and to atone for transgressions. Fasting from sun up to sun down will produce a deep hunger and thirst that can prompt some to entertain conversations about faith + other religions. Pray that God would use this month to soften the hearts of Muslims. Pray that God would reveal himself as the one true God to those seeking and that they would believe. 

2. Pray for access to the gospel.

Of the 4,000 predominantly Muslim people groups located across the globe, 86% of them are still unreached with the gospel. This means there is no indigenous group of believing Christians with adequate resources to evangelize without outside assistance. The need for long-term missionaries to bring the gospel to Muslim communities is great.  The Go Fund, a program of AIRO, is helping get and keep long-term missionary partners in predominantly Muslim countries like Pakistan, Oman,  Egypt, and Algeria by eliminating their student debt. We are looking for more qualified missionaries to partner with. You can learn more here. 

Join us in praying for boldness and perseverance for missionaries who are currently serving in these communities during Ramadan. Pray that God would raise up more missionaries to go to hard places like these with the hope of the gospel. 

3. Pray for our Muslim neighbors.

Wherever you live, there are surely Muslim neighbors who are shopping where you shop, enjoying the parks you frequent, or studying (or teaching) at the university you attend. In God’s providence, he’s brought you near to those who don’t know him.  Pray that God would open your eyes to see these people. Pray that God would help you befriend these brothers and sisters. And as you do, ask God to help you communicate the gospel clearly. 

4- Pray for Muslim Background Believers (MBBs)

Conversion from Islam is often accompanied by deep persecution and isolation for new believers. For our new brothers and sisters who’ve counted the cost of following Jesus, join us in praying that God would give them steadfastness and perseverance in the face of persecution and threat. Pray that God would help other believing brothers and sisters be consistent + faithful in discipleship. Pray the Spirit would embolden MBBs to share the true gospel with their communities and that God would bring many to faith. 

Sarah Murphey

The Author

Sarah started to see the importance of missions early in high school after several short term mission trips. After university, her experience living abroad and a trip to the Himalayas helped form her understanding of the unreached and burdened her heart for the unfinished task of getting the good news to the hardest to reach people. She wants to be part of a movement that will bring fresh energy and innovation to The Great Commission conversation. Sarah has a Bachelors in Communication Studies. She loves a great antique store, a good cup of coffee, and adventuring with her husband Randy and two kids, Addie and Britt.

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